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Spring Vacation Explorations Camps at the Connecticut Science Center!


250 Columbus Blvd
Hartford, CT, 06103
United States


The event has already taken a place at this date: 
8 am - 3:30/4 pm
$62 per day for Science Center members and Corporate members $65 per day for employees of businesses in downtown Hartford $68 per day for non-members


6-8 years 9-12 years
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Your child will love these hands-on day camps filled with fun and engaging science.


Monday, April 10: See the Unseen

In science, there is always more than meets the eye! Discover what lies beneath the surface of some intriguing everyday items. Dare to see the unknown during real or simulated dissections.

Tuesday, April 11: Game On!

Have you ever wondered about the science behind your favorite tabletop games? Come explore how probability affects the outcome of card and board games. Become a board game designer and create an experience where the balance between chance and skill determines the winner.

Wednesday, April 13: The MESStival Festival

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to make a mess! Mix your own paint using unusual ingredients and create art that’s sure to be a BLAST. Investigate different scientific explosions and figure out how forces and motion affect an egg. Dress for all things gooey, sticky, and FUN!

Thursday, April 13: Science ROCKS!

Does science rock your world? Come explore two fields of science that really rock: music and geology! Use shapes, patterns, and computer code to write your own song. Discover the different ways rocks can be formed as you roll around the rock cycle.

Friday, April 14: Connecticut Sleuth Center

Calling all sleuths! We have received a case file that you need to crack! Join us as you use forensic technology and collect trace evidence to help piece together the case and identify the suspects. Do you have what it takes?