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Preschooler's Cubs Martial Arts Classes for 3 and 4 yr olds

Join us for a complimentary trial class in our Tiger Cubs Preschooler Martial Arts Classes! For ages 3 and 4 yrs old.

As a parent, you will be amazed by your child’s martial art progress, and what they are capable of doing and accomplishing.

Kids are all different. They are all unique in their body type and physical ability. Children are also constantly changing, and have to continually relearn how to control their body during and after growth spurts. At this age, their athletic skills vary. Not every child will be the best athlete on their team, and many have not even participated in team sports. It doesn’t matter. Tiger Schulmann’s Preschool Martial Arts program isn’t a team activity or even a sport at all. It is training for life and will prepare your child for exactly that.

The Karate Cubs Formula

The Tiger Schulmann’s Karate Cubs preschool program is the perfect choice for your preschooler. This is the age where physical and mental development is happening at a fast pace. The activities they do at this early time in their young life will set the foundation for everything else to come in the future. Our classes ensure that they have great things to build on.

Our preschool program is taught by certified child-care professionals who have years of experience teaching and interacting with kids. They know how to adjust their approach to your individual child whenever necessary, and how to always make them feel included. They receive personalized attention and encouragement.

Our motivational program develops motor skills, coordination, focus, and confidence. Your child will have a great time in every class while learning and progressing in a safe, healthy and exciting environment. It’s the perfect blend of fun, learning, and achievement.

What Can You Expect From a Preschool Karate Program

Increases Attention Span

The fast-paced, fun-filled curriculum is carefully selected by highly motivating instructors to ensure age appropriateness. The classes are broken into segments which gradually become more difficult, and this progression will help further develop each child’s attention span. At the same time, the program does not ever make them feel overwhelmed or pressured to do more than their current capabilities.

Gets them in Tune with their Body

Kids are often in constant motion. It is difficult for most to be still. Just standing in one spot can be challenging. Being more animated feels best to them. That is sometimes not the best way to be, because kids will find themselves in situations where that type of behavior is not appropriate. There is a time and place for everything, and kids need to learn the skill of controlling their movement. We help them do this in a fun way without going against the grain of what a child at that age is naturally driven to do. Our program helps them discover how to turn that ‘wild switch’ on and off.

Builds Confidence

Another benefit of breaking the activities down into achievable segments is that children will have the time and ability to master each and everyone in succession. Each child’s attendance and achievements are recognized with added stripes to their belt, further boosting their self-confidence and sense of accomplishment. They will see their progress, and have senior kids to look up to in addition to their instructors.

Increases Hand-Eye Coordination and Motor Skills

In a fun and non-competitive setting, children learn to roll, walk a balance beam and kick a paper target. These activities develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills and give kids foundational confidence once they see that they can do everything in the class. Their overall ability to concentrate is enhanced, and they now find out what they can achieve when this happens.

Develops Sharing and Socials Skills

Through constant positive reinforcement, children are encouraged to interact with their classmates as they use equipment, play games and work with the instructor. They are further taught to wait their turn, raise their hand and share with others. Kids will start paying more and more attention, and able to follow instructions, while knowing that there are certain things expected of them after they have participated in a number of classes

Decreases Parent Separation Anxiety

With each class, your preschooler gets acclimated to an environment away from Mom and Dad. This paves the way for a smooth transition into your child’s school years. They know that they are in a safe and nurturing environment with instructors and other kids that they are very comfortable with.

How to Enroll

Registration is ongoing. Class size is limited and enrollment may be delayed during certain times of the year – but we will do everything we can to get your child into the best age-appropriate program for them. Pre-registration is available and recommended to guarantee placement. Simply call 203-602-8821, and someone from our staff will be happy to give you even more details and answer every question you may have.

Tiger Cubs Preschool will be one of the best things that you will ever do for your child. Get your kid going as soon as possible – we are waiting to hear from you, and are looking forward to teaching them some very valuable skills!


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