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Our junior tennis programs help kids learn in an environment that focuses on camaraderie, self-esteem, physical fitness, discipline and good sportsmanship. They will develop just as many life skills as they will tennis skills.


The 10 & Under Tennis program is about fitting tennis to kids based on age and physical size. Any child can start playing tennis almost immediately, even if he or she has never picked up a racquet. To make it easier for them, we changed the court sizes, racquet sizes, the balls, the scoring system and even the net height. Like other popular youth sports, 10 & Under Tennis stresses the importance of play and team competition. Note: 10 & Under is the name of the program but it is for older children as well. Our clinics are organized into small groups by age and level. Stage color represents age, with multiple levels at each stage.



An introduction to tennis for our youngest players. Hand-eye coordination, basic movements, cooperation & fun games are all used to teach basic skills. This class is designed to introduce tennis in a fun way to help kids establish a love for the game. 6:1 pro/student ratio. Court: 36ft

$376 per session
1 clinic per week - 60-min

Session 1: 9/13/17  -  11/7/17
Session 2: 11/8/17  -  1/23/18
Session 3: 1/24/18  -  3/20/18
Session 4: 3/21/18  -  5/6/18




This class teaches the fundamentals of tennis to very young beginners. Low compression red balls are used to encourage successful contact with the ball. Proper technique is emphasized along with racquet control, cooperation and movement.  Lessons are incorporated into fun games to help children stay focused and interested while learning to play. 6:1 pro/student ratio. Court: 36ft

$752 per session
60-min clinics, once a week

Session 1: 9/13/17 - 1/21/18
Session 2: 1/22/18 - 5/13/18



At the Red 2 level, lesson plans are designed to introduce the second level of Darien Tennis Academy tennis competencies. This group focuses on development of topspin on both forehand and backhand groundstrokes, appropriate use of grips, including continental, and useful execution of tennis-specific footwork patterns (i.e. split step, side shuffle). Red 2 players will move to the final stage of the Red program with a much - improved understanding of how to “play” the game, including the ability to “move” the ball (especially side to side) while recognizing “open court” spaces. Red 2 is an ideal program for reinforcement of beginner skills. 6:1 player to pro ratio. Court: 36ft


In this group, players prepare to transition to the 60' Orange court. They have demonstrated an understanding of basic groundstroke and serve technique as well as grips and footwork patterns. Players are both physically and mentally prepared to begin work on the situational aspects of the game. In Red 3, players are introduced to the larger court space, faster ball and concepts of forward and backward movement that come with orange court play. This is a crucial stage of their development and as such, we require players in the group to attend two (2) classes per week. 6:1 player to pro ratio. Court: 36ft

60-min clinics, once a week - $752

2 x 60-min clinics per week - $1,280

Session 1: 9/13/17 - 1/21/18
Session 2: 1/22/18 - 5/13/18


ORANGE BALL 1 (Ages 8-10)

Divided into two levels, Orange 1 is for both beginner and intermediate 10 and Under players ready to play on a slightly larger court. The classes are designed to continue building athletic skills while learning or refining the skills necessary to serve, rally and score. Before moving to the next level of the Orange program, these players will demonstrate an understanding of proper technique and maintain that technique during point and match play. 5:1 player to pro ratio. Court: 60ft


ORANGE BALL 2 (Ages 8-10)

They are learning to become actively engaged in their own development and their competitive interests are rising. The group is fundamentally sound in both movement and technique and are beginning to work on more advanced patterns of play utilizing the larger court space. Dynamic balance, experimentation with various tactics and strategies and development of "weapons" all become a part of the tennis player's game. 5:1 player to pro ratio. Court: 60ft

60-min clinics, once a week - $912

2 x 60-min clinics per week - $1,504

Session 1: 9/13/17 - 1/21/18
Session 2: 1/22/18 - 5/13/18


GREEN 1 & YELLOW 1 (Ages 11-14)

Green 1 is designed for beginner to intermediate level players ages 11-14. Green 1 is taught using a rally-based curriculum and focuses on developing sending and receiving skills, sound footwork, racquet mechanics and incorporating comparable athletic skills developed in other sports. Players learn how to properly position themselves to execute groundstrokes and volleys, hit with purpose, serve and ultimately sustain a rally of varying speed and duration. 5:1 player to pro ratio. Court: Full Size

GREEN 2 (Ages 10-12)

Green 2 builds on the skills and mechanics mastered in Orange 1, Orange 2 or Green 1 . Specifically, each player learns to develop areas of strength in their game and learns how to use them to their advantage. Players in Green Transition compete in tournaments, team tennis and interscholastic competition. 5:1 player to pro ratio. 

YELLOW 2: Junior Varsity High School Prep (Ages 12-15)

This course is dedicated to providing an opportunity for intermediate level teenage players to progress their skills in a fun and competitive environment. Players who participate in this program must have prior experience and should have aspirations of playing High School tennis. Stroke development, footwork, doubles and singles strategies will all be covered during the course of the session. 5:1 player to pro ratio.

60-min clinics, once a week - $912

2 x 60-min clinics per week - $1,504

Session 1: 9/13/17 - 1/21/18
Session 2: 1/22/18 - 5/13/18


VARSITY TENNIS: High School Tennis (Ages 15-18)

This program is for the 16-18 year old player who is playing high school varsity tennis and Level 7 tournaments. This is an intense program designed for competitive high school players. On court drills will include point play, dead ball drills, fitness drills and mental toughness skills. 4:1 Player ratio.

25 weeks

2 x 90 min clinics per week - $4,275



All players must be enrolled in a one of our junior programs and have knowledge of court positioning, how to serve and score, may require pro recommendation.

$500 fee applies to programs where JTT is not already included.